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Massachusetts - DC Delegation

Massachusetts U.S. Officials


Sen. Ed Markey (D)                 202 224-2742           

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D)       202 224-4543

House of Representatives:

1 Neal, Richard E. D 341 CHOB 202-225-5601 Joint Taxation
Ways and Means
2 McGovern, James D 438 CHOB 202-225-6101 Agriculture
3 Tsongas, Niki D 1714 LHOB 202-225-3411 Armed Services
Natural Resources
4 Kennedy III, Joseph P. D 434 CHOB 202-225-5931

Energy and Commerce

5 Clark, Katherine D 1415 LHOB 202-225-2836 Appropriations
6 Moulton, Seth D 1408 LHOB 202-225-8020 Armed Services
the Budget
7 Capuano, Michael E. D 1414 LHOB 202-225-5111 Financial Services
8 Lynch, Stephen F. D 2268 RHOB 202-225-8273 Financial Services
Oversight and Government
9 Keating, William D 2351 RHOB 202-225-3111 Foreign Affairs
Homeland Security

The office of Governor Charlie Baker (R) 888 870-7770

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Amtrak Downeaster Videos

{jcomments on}The Downeaster is one of America's premiere passenger rail services. The Downeaster is known as "America's Favorite Train" with good reason.

Below are six videos currently residing on the Amtrak Downeaster site shot by TRNE Board member William Lord:

Take the Downeaster to Portland, Maine Take the Downeaster to Old Orchard Beach

Take the Downeaster to our southern
beaches - Wells, Ogunquit & York
Commuting on the Downeaster
           The Downeaster in the Winter

Why do people ride the Downeaster? The answers are within the video below.


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