Our New Vision

TrainRiders Northeast brought the Downeaster to Portland, ME in 2001 and Brunswick ME in 2012.  Our New Vision:  An across-the-platform Amtrak connection at Boston’s North Station, serving Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, New Haven & New York’s Penn Station (Moynihan Train Hall). Our continued success depends on your donation. Use our PayPal button to help us reach this goal. Many thanks for your continued support. Wayne Davis, Chairman

Rail Links

We are always on the alert for good official and advocacy rail links. Here's our list:

Official Amtrak sites:

  • Northeast Corridor Website
    The Northeast Corridor (NEC) is one of the busiest, most complex, and economically vital transportation systems in the world. Connecting eight states and the District of Columbia, the NEC supports a $2.6 trillion economy. As a steward and majority owner of the NEC, Amtrak not only moves intercity riders, but provides access and/or operational support to eight commuter lines and six freight operators. As the popularity of rail travel soars, Amtrak's challenge is to ensure the NEC can meet the demand for new capacity on this critical infrastructure asset, portions of which date back a century, and continue to deliver the safe, reliable and convenient service passengers expect from America’s Railroad.
  • Official Downeaster Site
    The place to go for schedules and reservations on the Downeaster - passenger service between Brunswick, Freeport, Portland and Boston with intermediate stops.
  • Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority
    NNEPRA is the Maine state agency that manages the contract with the Amtrak Downeaster as well as relations with the host railroads, PanAm and MBTA.
  • Amtrak Reservations
    The place to go for nationwide Amtrak schedules and reservations.
  • Great American Stations
    Revitalizing America's train station by promoting investments, encouraging economic development and making rail stations welcome to all.
  • Great American Stations - Saco, ME
    The Saco station in Maine is the first all green Amtrak station in the nation. Read the article in the Great American Stations website...photo credit: William Lord

Rail Advocacy sites:

  • Downeaster Photos
    Welcome to Amtrak Downeaster Photos Website. I hope you enjoy the photos on this site. The Trains, the Stations, and most of all, the People involved with the service that make it the model of what Amtrak service should be...Mike Duprey
  • Vermont Rail Action Network
    Welcome to Vermont's network of rail advocates, a grassroots effort promoting the revitalization of Vermont's rail network for passengers and freight - supporting the environment and economic vitality.
  • NH Rail Transit Authority
    In 2007, Governor John Lynch signed legislation creating the New Hampshire Rail Transit Authority, which is overseeing the development of commuter rail in New Hampshire.
  • Rail Passengers Association (formerly the National Association of Railroad Passengers)
    The largest national passenger service advocacy group. Important Washington lobbying organization working with Congress, the administration and Amtrak.
  • Amtrak Unlimited Forum Group
    Amtrak Unlimited exists to facilitate wide-ranging discussion of Amtrak, rail, travel in general, and other topics. We are a community that welcomes and respects diversity of opinion. It is the aim of staff to allow discussion to flow naturally with as little moderation intrusion as possible. This is not an official Amtrak site.
  • Trains in the Valley
    To advocate for improved and expanded passenger and freight rail service in the Pioneer Valley region of western Massachusetts.
  • Transportation Action Atlantic of New Brunswick
    Transport Action Canada was formed in 1976, a federation of regional associations dedicated to the promotion of public transport in Canada. Transport Action maintains an Ottawa office staffed by an Executive Director and maintained by volunteers. Transport Action regional groups are found in British Columbia, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic region
  • CT Rail Commuter Council
    Whether you commute by Metro-North between Connecticut and New York, or between cities and towns within Connecticut, the Commuter Council represents you. We were formed by the CT State legislature and our members are commuters like you. We act as a consumer liaison between riders and the Connecticut Dept. of Transportation (CDOT), Metro-North, and Shore Line East railroads and advise the legislature regarding commuter issues.
  • Empire State Passengers Association
    We’re working for better rail passenger service and public transportation in New York State. ESPA, the Empire State Passengers Association, is a volunteer network of citizens working to improve and expand AMTRAK, mass transit, and bus service in New York State. ESPA gives the passenger a voice in transportation planning.
  • Train Web's List of Advocacy Groups
    Organizations related to rail and rail travel advocacy associations.
  • The Infrastructurist
    Keep up-to-date on federal, state and local transportation spending.
  • High Speed RailNews
    HSR News is dedicated to covering the expansion of high-speed rail in the United States and around the world. HSR News is produced by Planetizen.
  • Rail Users Network
    Encourages the development and use of customer-friendly rail passenger services that are affordable, efficient and reliable.
  • Ron Goodenow's Attic
    The Attic is a personal museum, drawing on the stash of items Ron has collected -- and is still collecting -- in my railway travels.

Other Rail Systems:

  • PanAm Railways
    Freight carrier Pan Am Railways, a subsidiary of Pan Am Systems, operates over a network of about 2,000 miles of track in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and Canada's Atlantic provinces. The Downeaster runs on its tracks from Portland to Plaistow, NH.
  • MBTA Website
    A place to check train, bus, subway and boat schedules and fares.
  • MBTA Blog
    Articles and comments relating to the MBTA, the Downeaster's rail partner in Massachusetts.
  • American Public Transport Associaton
  • In 1973, public transportation advocates founded APT to promote effective, affordable, and accessible public transit. Its members are dedicated to spurring an improved & expanded transportation system in Greater Boston and the Northeast Megaregion. APT is the leading proponent of strategic transportation infrastructure. While all transportation projects move people or goods, strategic transportation projects move the economy. APT is the author of Car-Free™ in Boston, now in its 10th edition.
  • California High-Speed Rail Authority
    Monitor the nation's first high-speed rail program.
  • Florida's High-Speed Rail - Brightline
    Brightline currently runs a service in South Florida, and is building a high-speed rail service between Miami and Orlando, which is expected to open in 2021. The train will run at top speeds of 125 mph, taking a little over 3 hours to get between Orlando and Miami

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