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Wayne Davis, Chairman of the Board, organized TrainRiders for the purpose of bringing Amtrak service back to Maine, New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts. The result: the Downeaster, from Portland to Boston with stops in between.

When writing a story about passenger rail issues, Wayne should be one of your first contacts. He knows the history of Amtrak's return to New England and will marshal the facts for any writer. Click here for a higher resolution picture.

 Wayne Davis
Chairman, TrainRiders/Northeast
207 272-2877 
Wayne Davis

Wayne Davis
Chairman, TrainRiders/Northeast
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PO Box 4869
Portland, ME  04112
Office: 207 879-7245(TRY-RAIL)

Board of Directors - Officers 

Bob Hall, Vice-Chair, NH

  Jim Oikle, Treasurer, ME

William Hunt, Secretary

F. Bruce Sleeper, Esq., Treasurer & Counsel, ME


Board Members

Jason Briggs, ME
Don Briselden, At Large, NH

Janet Brown, At Large, ME
 Betsey Buckley, ME
John Carroll, NH
Nicholas Catoggio, MA
Michael Duprey, At Large
Ellen Fogg, ME
Henry Goode, Jr. NH

Robert Hall, NH
William Hunt, NH
Andrew Hyland, ME
Margo Knight, ME
Valarie Lamont, ME

William Lord, ME
James Oikle, ME
Stephen Piper, NH
Robert Rodman, At Large
Paula Boyer Rougny, At Large
Fred Smith, MA
Mary Starr, ME