Our New Vision

TrainRiders Northeast brought the Downeaster to Portland, ME in 2001 and Brunswick ME in 2012.  Our New Vision:  An across-the-platform Amtrak connection at Boston’s North Station, serving Worcester, Springfield, Hartford, New Haven & New York’s Penn Station (Moynihan Train Hall). Our continued success depends on your donation. Use our PayPal button to help us reach this goal. Many thanks for your continued support. Wayne Davis, Chairman

Congratulations to our favorite train and its fabulous managerial staffs at Amtrak and NNEPRA!

Back in 1989, Wayne Davis led a group of 21 Maine/NH citizens that created our grassroots non-profit. They organized a citizen's petition that urged the legislature to support passenger rail in Maine. It took 12 years of constant work with government officials in Maine and ultimately with Amtrak and the US Congress to get 'America's Favorite Train' on the tracks. Our history of accomplishment, which brought the Downeaster to northern New England, continues today with plans to extend connecting service to New York City.

We're planning for the future and we invite you to join us by going here: http://trainridersne.org/index.php/join-trainridersnortheast
From Wayne Davis: ”I’m reminded of that exciting moment 19 years ago today when the dreams of 21 citizens, backed by nearly 90,000 Maine taxpayers made our Downeaster service possible. Since then “America’s Favorite Train” has carried nearly 8 Million passengers and despite covid19’s temporary setback, TNE hopes the train will again be carrying 2,000 passengers a day.”